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4:30, oil and tempera painting
Storm Doors, oil and tempera painting
Storm Doors
Kindling and Mirrors, oil and tempera painting
Kindling and Mirrors
Laundry Room, oil and tempera painting
Laundry Room
Basement, oil and tempera painting
Studio, oil and tempera painting
Hallway, oil and tempera painting

Metaphors of Consciousness, High Realist Paintings of Interior Spaces

The uncanniness of Richard Davis’s interiors lies in the meticulous process by which he describes their spaces. It is also a property of the innate poetry that emerges from the accumulation of finely seen details, patterns and relationships.

Davis’s interiors are metaphors of consciousness in which absences are present in the intervals beyond the picture plane, and in which relationships and traces of human activity are alluded to in the silent visual harmonies that are conjured by his brush. - Tom Smart