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A look Inside the Studio

A continuously updated photo journal from the studio, and beyond.

July 2019, Figurativas 2019 jury viewing

This is a photo from the MEAM in Spain, of the Figurativas 2019 Jury viewing my painting, Kindling and Mirrors. That’s Antonio Lopez-Garcia third hand from the left (gray and white striped shirt).

July 2019, another photo from Spain

Another photo from Spain. This one shows Odd Nerdrum, front. A couple more photos can be seen on the Figurativas Facebook Page. Note that there is a early photo in my Journal, October 2009, of me working on this painting in my studio.

June 2019, two more paintings

As if there wasn’t enough to do, at the end of March I started two more small paintings. These are sketchier than my usual work, studies for new large paintings I may do.

March 2019, work in progress

The work continues to go well. I’ll often hang a painting upside down, or sideways in order to see it in a new and fresh way.

January 2019, glaze on Linen and Silk

Here I’m applying a dark, transparent glaze on Linen and Silk. I don’t often make such a major change mid-way in a work, but I felt more drama was needed.

August 2018, work wall

Most of the work for the November, 2019 show in Halifax can be seen here in early stages, all neatly lined up along one wall of the studio.

February 2018, Jill underpainting

The two large figure works are seen here in a brown underpainting layer. The work on Jill, on the easel, is just getting started. La Luna, the dark, moon-lit seascape, is on the back wall.

January 2018, getting started

Very early stages for the work in the upcoming show. One assembled stretcher, one partly gessoed canvas, one finished gessoed canvas, two gessoed panels, and five works underway.

July 2017 waiting, Peggy’s Cove

My shadow is cast on the rocks near Peggy’s Cove while I wait for the sun to set, and the moon to rise. Soon I’ll take the first photographs for a new work, La Luna.

Storm Doors full background