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Shelter, acrylic painting
Hackmatacks, acrylic painting
Autumn, oil and tempera painting
Wreck Beach, oil and tempera painting
Wreck Beach
Summer Solstice, oil and tempera painting
Summer Solstice
Stone Heath, oil and tempera painting
Stone Heath

Mystical Clarity, High Realist Landscape Paintings

Just as Richard Davis organizes the chaos of the city by means of formal geometries, so too he tames the apparent randomness of nature by means of a highly attuned visual sensibility.

His landscapes emerge from an acute and penetrating gaze that organizes space in a rational manner allowing eye and imagination limitless vistas to explore beyond the picture plane.

The results are compositions that have near mystical clarity and order about them. Radiating from the precision of his photorealist descriptions is the odd paradox of the perceptual experience: that knowledge about something is much more than an aggregation of details. Reality is only enlivened when consciousness can occupy what is beheld by the eye. - Tom Smart