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Basement Self Portrait, oil over tempera painting
Basement Self Portrait
Laurie Pawlitza, oil and tempera painting
Laurie Pawlitza
Bathroom Mirror, oil and tempera painting
Bathroom Mirror
Aladdin, oil over tempera painting
Waiting, oil and tempera painting
Aglaia, oil and tempera painting
Girl in a Green Sweater, oil and tempera painting
Girl in a Green Sweater
Self Reflections, oil and tempera painting
Self Reflections
Indian Summer, oil and tempera painting
Indian Summer

The Complexity of the Soul, High Realist Portrait and Figure Paintings

Richard Davis’s portraits exist in a mysterious zone between seeing and sensing. While his descriptions of the models might be grounded in realism, the intensity of Davis’s gaze, evident in his micro-detailing, unlocks a deeper portrait of his subjects. He portrays inner landscapes, terrains that might be wracked by self-doubt, anxiety and fear.

While the realist mode might seem to expose in dense detail aspects of a personality defined by expression, pose and fashion, in Davis’s hands it is a transparent gloss uncovering the complexities of a soul. - Tom Smart