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Plastic Bag with Lemon and Orange, acrylic painting
Lemon and Orange
Buoys in Cardboard Box, oil and tempera painting
Buoys in Cardboard Box
Winter Light #2, oil and tempera painting
Winter Light #2
Box and Table, oil and tempera painting
Box and Table
Firewood #3, oil over tempera painting
Firewood #3
Five Iron Pots #2, oil and tempera painting
Five Iron Pots #2
Red Dot, oil and tempera painting
Red Dot
Threesome, oil and tempera painting

Visual Poetry of Objects, High Realist Still Life Paintings

Richard Davis’s still lifes are emblems expressing visual poetry among objects. In his keen, penetrating studies of mundane objects that are easily overlooked, ignored, Davis unlocks entire histories that are as much a property of the things themselves, as they are of the absences they signify.

The elegance of compositions, the sensual way that the paint has been applied on the supports, even the mode itself all serve the purpose of describing light as an active agent in conveying meaning.

For Davis, light is much more than a subtle way to illuminate his subjects. It is a radiant muse and siren. - Tom Smart